George Raftopoulos

Excavating Surfaces, Shadows and the Self

deKonstruKt, sees George Raftopoulos embrace rawness and immediacy as he strips back his painterly and sculptural compositions to uncover . Through his gestural engagements with oil and the raw surface of the canvas, Raftopoulos is engaged in an act of ‘dekonstruktion’, which is at once material and conceptual.

Known for his fierce explorations of universal themes of the self across history and memory, Raftopoulos states that he is attempting 'to preserve the electrifying jolt of a single moment-in amber; to catapult a timeless past into the visceral presence so that it can be felt by another human being.’ In his hands, paint becomes electric, and clay evokes the body, with materiality and the surface figuring at the centre of his exploratory practice.

Raftopoulos has held numerous exhibitions including, The TRANSPORTED, Nishi Gallery, Canberra, 2016; MYTHIC Nation, Artereal Gallery Sydney, 2015; Retrospecta, Greek Embassy, Canberra, 2015; I Could’ve been a Jockey, Bega Regional Gallery, Bega, 2014.

Many significant collections hold works by Raftopoulos, including the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, Bega, Hellenic Museum, Melbourne, Gold Coast City Art Gallery/Museum, Gold Coast, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia, and the Molongolo Group, Canberra.
Raftopoulos lives and works in Sydney,