Justin Williams

Justin Williams is a multidisciplinary artist based in Victoria, Australia. From his idyllic studio in the country, he investigates his relatively isolated surroundings. From the beauty found in nature to local folklore and the often strange inhabitants of the quiet mountain towns, Williams produces work that reflects on and celebrates the character of places.

2017 has seen Williams present new works in his third solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery, Arcana. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and his work has been featured in numerous publications including Artist Profile Magazine, Four and Sons, Australian Creative, as well as Australian Art Collector, where he was featured as an artist to watch on the international stage. In 2017, Williams will present work in Paris and Denamrk, and will undertake a residency in Athens in 2018. 2016 saw Williams present a solo exhibition at ART 3 Gallery in New York, and participate in a touring group exhibition which travelled to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Paris.



Available Works