Paolo Consorti

Consorti realizes images that tell contemporary fairy stories. His imagination feeds itself on chronicle, contemporary private stories, mind’s projection, fantasies, anxieties, and he proceeds from this looking for the fragment of absolute in contemporary world and mind. So he describes, in mysterious scenes, new archetypes, setting up a point of contact between a remote and primordial past, and now. Sex, nature, religion, work together in this work and they are as the only reality in our life. Deep spaces in ouruselves, that sometimes we can look with irony or as drama, because our society and culture are included between tragedy and irony.

Paolo Consorti was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy in 1964.  In 1991 he began his artistic career with a solo exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Urbino.  Consorti has had solo exhibitions in Turin, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Urbino and Latina in Italy, Minneapolis, New York in USA, Hamburg, Berlin in Germany, Tokyo in Japan and group exhibitions in Italy, USA, Czech Republic and Switzerland. His works are in various collections including the Pigozzi Collection in Switzerland.


Available Works