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Paul Yore — Panta Rei

Paul Yore,  Pineapple , 2011, neon light, dimensions variable

Paul Yore, Pineapple, 2011, neon light, dimensions variable

Paul Yore’s solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery presents a series of paintings without paint. Plasticine has been worked into thousands of fine layers of colour in order to build up the sculptural impasto presented. Drawing from the ancient proverb by Heraclitus of Ephesus that ‘everything flows’, the works depict a lurid multiverse in fluxus; a shifting, unstable physical or intellectual division. Panta Rei presents a series of fluid, apocalyptic mindscapes that swirl within the confines of the framed picture plane. Within the locus of these seemingly LSD soaked ‘ant-farms’, the mind is free to wander, couched within the contours of a catatonic cartography. Furthermore, the use of modelling-clay provides an association with the pre-linguistic visualities of children. Paul Yore is an artist whose multidisciplinary practice involves installations, painting, sculpture, sound, drawing and tapestry. Playful, imaginative and fantastical, his work investigates constructions of culture, place and identity. Yore’s imaginary worlds and mystical interventions employ absurdity and joy as beneficial responses to being confronted with meaninglessness, hopelessness and apathy.