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Hamish Carr,  Collective Entity , 2013, acrylic and pigment ink on linen, 183 x 180cm

Hamish Carr, Collective Entity, 2013, acrylic and pigment ink on linen, 183 x 180cm

Hamish Carr raises the concern of social interactions and their relationship with the contemporary environment, visually representing the way we receive and consume information.

In his upcoming solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery, Transmission, Carr explores the visualisation of information in transit. Central to the work is a distinct drawing process combined with specific sculptural practice. Carr’s two-dimensional works employ mapping techniques, digitisation and intuitive mark making. This enables the work to capture moments of communication – visually inferring particles and pixels caught in motion. The three-dimensional pieces operate on a different level, inferring communicative monuments offering points of intersection where the dialogue depicted can arrive or disembark. The combination of drawing process and object-based work continues Carr’s investigation into the technocratic and fluid notions of contemporary culture.

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