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Emma Langridge — Signal to Noise

Emma Langridge,  Signal to Noise (15) , 2013-2014, enamel and acrylic on wood, 35 x 40cm each

Emma Langridge, Signal to Noise (15), 2013-2014, enamel and acrylic on wood, 35 x 40cm each

Emma Langridge’s paintings, although physically composed of few elements; line, proportion, colour and medium, visually the works are incredibly complex. Langridge says her work is the ‘accumulated result of the repeated action of hand and arm, left to right, upper edge to lower, mapping an expansion of time and space.’

Even in the most mechanical of processes, if the hand is employed there will no doubt be a degree of unintentional mark-making which finds its way into a work. Such is the case in Langridge’s painting practice. By adhering to a rigid process, that which is unintentional becomes the variable and therefore the focus. The schism between the deliberate, perceived and that which occurs randomly is Langridge’s long-time subject and will be the focus of her solo exhibition Signal to Noise.

Langridge completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia in 1996 and moved to Melbourne in 2001. She has held solo exhibitions across Australia, had her work included in numerous curated exhibitions, prizes and award shows nationally and internationally including exhibitions in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, United States of America and Greece. Emma Langridge is represented by Anna Pappas Gallery.