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Vin Ryan — Dirt World

Vin Ryan,  I swept the kitchen floor  (detail), 2014, digital print, 41.5 x 31.5cm

Vin Ryan, I swept the kitchen floor (detail), 2014, digital print, 41.5 x 31.5cm

Vin Ryan is interested in dirt. For his new series of photographic work Ryan has invited his family, friends and various acquaintances to sweep the floors of their houses, collect their sweepings; the discarded, dirt, grime and dust, and submit these sweepings to the artist for aesthetic consideration. The collective effort of this strange request forms the basis of Ryan’s new solo exhibition Dirt World. Ryan believes that with each sweep, contained within each dustpan, is a memorial – a sample of life – as revealing as a diary.

Later Event: October 9
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