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Project15: DEATH | LIFE — Curated by Sebastian Goldspink

Samuel Hodge ,  Snow Ball Fight (Gone Wrong) , 2014, photograph

Samuel Hodge , Snow Ball Fight (Gone Wrong), 2014, photograph

Designed to promote artists that push boundaries, Project15: DEATH | LIFE will showcase the talents of eleven diverse artists; Artemis Potamianou (Athens), Daniel Hollier (Sydney), Kate Scardifield (Sydney), Katie Lee (Melbourne), Kenny Pittock (Melbourne), Jason Wing (Sydney), Michaela Gleave (Sydney), Philjames (Sydney), Sam Fagan (Melbourne), Samuel Hodge (Sydney) and Tully Arnot (Melbourne), brought together under the curatorship of Sebastian Goldspink, Director, ALASKA Projects, Sydney.

Each night after ‘one of those days’ which had become every day, she would draw a bath and just pretend that it was going to happen for her.

She would hover her thumb over the trigger and stare cross eyed at the barrel as she slowly slid the nozzle into her mouth and tasted the bitter oily steel. She would, of course fantasise about the outcome, the act, the aftermath. 

She would imagine their reactions. The hit to their chest when they realised they got it all wrong. Got her all wrong.

Then one night, by accident, or as much as accidents can happen when you dangle the bait over the fishes head, it happened for her. It happened and at once she realised that she had it all wrong. That it wasn’t a black void, a janitor switching the lights off.

Her death life was profound. She felt each billion part of her split from her and race around the universe to different points in space making up different forms. All the while though being conscious that in death life she was the line joining the million billion dots of her. That she was God and feeling that uncontrollable desire that most feel in death life, to go back. To go back and enjoy life in the knowledge that everything works out in the end. That we are one as God and that the punch-line made you long for the rest of the joke. 

– Sebastian Goldspink, 2014

Later Event: March 5
Sam Fagan — A Line Between