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Jarek Wojcik — Spaces and Things

Jarek Wojcik,  Ambient , 2015, acrylic on linen, 168 x 198 cm

Jarek Wojcik, Ambient, 2015, acrylic on linen, 168 x 198 cm

Space and Things is a journey into a world of hyper-realistic images that cannot, in fact, be real. These works invite the viewer to travel through the narrative, finding links and images that seem familiar, yet slightly puzzling.

Rich in their imagery, illuminated almost by candlelight, Wojcik transports the viewer to an enchanting and surreal place. The paintings will explore the perception of a Nuevo Riche, clichéd in its obsession with trophies and image, and deeply rooted in a historical understanding of bourgeois culture, yet existing in a modern environment. These are not classical paintings, but in fact a whimsical take on the historical; painting things in spaces, Wojcik’s Spaces and Things is a little bit tongue in cheek.

The painted scenes are not necessarily real or physical, but a mental landscape where one can freely imagine and create. Wojcik responds to his surroundings in this way and through the study of history, resulting in something that feels as though remembered from a distant past, yet vigorously new. In conversation with reality and imagination, a combination of both exists in this opulently detailed work; the audience is drawn in and the imagination is intrigued to believe wholeheartedly in this world – until we are reminded by Wojcik’s wit, that it is, nevertheless, satire.